Offline Uber Booking Now No Longer an Impossibility Thanks to Phone Dispatch System

In what is looking as a strategic transition to a new growth path, Uber has joined forces with Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority in Pinellas County, Florida, to start experimenting with a taxi dispatch system that allows people who do not have a smartphone to still order an Uber ride. Basically, the callers call a hotline and make their booking over the phone.

The pilot program is part of the local initiative that is looking to provide publicly subsidized rides from Uber. The program is targeting low-income families who do not have their vehicles or live in a place where accessibility to public transport is difficult.

Heralding Expansion
Shifting its focus to a retro taxi dispatch system proves that Uber is looking to expand its customer base beyond those who use smartphones. It is also an indication that Uber wants public transit agencies to view it as a serious partner, who can offer an alternative or complementary mode of transportation to residents.

TransitCenter, a foundation that works to expand urban mobility, opines that with Uber offering more services to cater to a larger audience, it needs to evolve and change the way it works – it will need a transition from being a technology company. The foundation also states that as the company gets involved in public policy, it would have to expand its services to encompass prospective customers that do not own a smartphone or have the Uber app.

Joining Forces
Pinellas County is the first transit agency in the U.S. to subsidize rides through Uber. That is not all. The agency has also subsided taxi rides from local taxi services that may or may not use Uber clone app. This initiative is for rides to and from certain bus stations and looks to make it easier for residents to access the transit system.

The plan will offer subsidized Uber rides each month to residents who live in far flung areas where access to the transit system is cumbersome. It includes those residents, who don’t have the Uber app. These residents will be able to avail the service during daytime hours if they need to urgently use the transit system.

The call-in taxi dispatch system leaves it up to the dispatcher to determine whether a caller is in a situation that can be categorized as urgent. However, the transit authorities state that the program would cover grocery shopping as well as medical emergencies. Since the focus is on transit-disadvantaged residents, authorities believe that this pilot program will be successful. The program has received a state grant to help subsidize Uber rides.

Uber is providing the transit authorities with the Uber app clone that will allow dispatchers to get in touch with Uber drivers and send the taxi to the address mentioned by the call-in customers.

The county will be paying Uber directly for the subsidized rides. The payment will cover all aspects of the services besides $3 flat rate that the customers will be paying.

The transit agency decided to join forces with Uber after it failed to get a local one cent sales tax passed. This tax would have helped expand the mass transit options – more buses and creating a light rail system. However, after the failure to get the penny tax passed, the agency had to reduce its existing bus service.

Opportunity for Uber
The transit agency and Uber’s partnership is more than just an opportunity to fill transportation gaps. It offers Uber the chance to reach out to new potential customers while ensuring that it can provide its ride services to those who do not have the Uber app.

Until now Uber was competing with taxi companies that used Uber clone app to hail rides. However, with the ride-hailing giant now adopting taxi dispatch system, Uber will be shifting towards the conventional taxi services that people are used to. This is quite a shift from its business model, but if the pilot project works in Pinellas County, it will pave the way for Uber to run similar services in other parts of the country.

Overcoming Fear and Hearing Voices with Oedipus

When I was a kid I used to chat with adults waiting for the bus on bus benches. Taking opinion polls with this captive audience in the summer in south Florida in the Fifties was easy. People will tell a kid anything when there’s absolutely nothing else to do and nobody is looking. I learned poor people are all for any revolution if they don’t have to do anything themselves.

I learned people have a horrible fascination for sick babies: They have to handle the baby–out of morbid curiosity, was my kidly impression. The baby was a live-looking doll, and I was dressed in a gray Lord and Taylor Handmacher suit that I got for a quarter at the thrift shop where the Palm Beach ladies donated their finery. One of them was exactly my size, 6. Her shoes and hats were too; so was I ever dressed, with this ‘suppurating leprosy’ baby in its fine carriage!

This fellow was different. His bus never came, and he didn’t talk. He glowered at me. He wore a suit too. I worked at getting his confession in my opinion poll project. One day I did. He told all. I almost got swatted when I corrected his pronunciation of “Oh-Edipus.” I was in the third grade but had read two libraries already when I met this fellow.

Here is his story. From the time he was a very little kid, he heard voices in his head. His mother took him to many, many psychologists, counselors and psychiatrists. He got my attention with this: My schizophrenic mother heard voices too. He rattled off the names of these counselors and the dates he saw them, and for how long, how old he was, and what fools they were: They just didn’t get it, didn’t know what to do, and wouldn’t admit that.

BUT he counted himself so lucky…and he was sincere in his voice about this…to have ONE good man among the practitioners. This man did not offer him any hope. He said: You will always hear the voices. Your brain is wired bad, you walk around in the state other people are in when they dream. Those voices are really just dreams. Those ideas are just that kind of stuff. What you have to do is just ignore them. No, don’t answer them, don’t tell them to shut up, and No, you aren’t imagining it.

Sure enough, the man said, many years ago he just quit listening, quit paying attention to those voices, and now he hardly hears them at all, they are so faint.

After he confessed, he didn’t hang out on my opinion poll turf any more. I never saw him again. Just when I was getting to like the guy, you know.

This is an easier concept for ‘overcoming fear’ than the more serious approaches, because this attitude has you immediately disrespecting what opposes you from within. Its story doesn’t matter, it’s you, it’s your brain wiring job, it’s a dream state anyway.

Magic Kingdom and Boggy Creek Airboat Rides in Miami

The world of Disney World Magic Kingdom and Boggy Creek Airboat Rides in Miami started in 1994. It then got developed in 1996 and since then got popular day by day. It was founded by Chris and Margie Long. It started with only six-passenger airboat. It is located in South Park of Florida. It is popularly known as Kissimmee. It operates 365 days a year provisional to weather conditions and starts from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm. There are many more amenities available like tent camping, bus parking, boat launch, catering, etc. There are even tours every 30 minutes as well as there is one hour tour too in the night. The boat rides up to 45 miles per hour.

There are tours like Scenic Nature Tour, One Night Tour. The passes cost differently for both adult and child. The adult pass cost ranges from 25 to 50 dollars and child pass cost ranges from 20 to 45 dollars. The tour gives the opportunity to watch alligator live even in the night. There are no prior reservations required. There is tour every 30 minutes throughout the day. There is also Extreme Swamp Safari tour which is a 45 minutes tour and it only operates in South Port Location. For the East Lake location, there is scenic nature tour. It is popularly known as Florida Everglades in south of Florida. One can even view the Real Florida with the boat ride in this great Orlando attraction.

One can even travel or take a tour in a group of 12 persons without reservation. This helps attracting travelers and visitors all throughout the year. With this boat ride, one can enjoy the scenic beauty of the lakes and Orlando. This helps in also arranging group rides for schoolchildren, college youths, etc. There are even 45 minutes to one-hour private tours available. Therefore, visitors have number of choices of tours. For group tours, travelers can bring their own food or opt for a caterer who can deliver at the Disney World Magic Kingdom. There is even place for picnics and places are covered with oak trees which helps the place to become shady. There are tables available for eating food while sitting in-group.